My Indoor Houseplants

Indoor Houseplants provide many benefits to your home or office

House plants make a beautiful addition to any indoor space. They add color and texture to the room. Attractive indoor house plantsdarcaena marginata picture create impact and give life to any room. Decorators often utilize house plants to help create the mood in the finished space.

When selecting your indoor house plants you must be aware of the conditions in which they will be growing. Suitable lighting, temperature, and humidity must be present for your plant to thrive. Choose a plant that will be comfortable in the location it is placed. A healthy, growing indoor house plant will provide you with much enjoyment.

In this website, we will examine many houseplants covering such aspects as

–     light levels required

–    acceptable temperature ranges

–     humidity requirements

–    watering requirements and methods

–     fertilizer needs

–     soil mixtures

–     propagation methods

To remain healthy, indoor house plants will need to be maintained. As some plants are easier to care for than others, you should also determine the amount of care required by your choice of plant before buying. Select plants that require the level of care suited to your interest and time availability.

snake plant picture
If you are new to growing indoor houseplants, you should choose an easy care houseplant that is hardy and forgiving of the odd lapse in care. As you gain experience and find that you get enjoyment from caring for your indoor houseplants, you can try some of the houseplants that require more exacting care and are not as forgiving.

Although most indoor house plants are grown for their foliage, some will bear flowers and provide a wider range of color in your living space. Flowering house plants tend to need more light than those grown for foliage. If your indoor spaces provide sufficient light, flowering houseplants definitely deserve consideration. One exception is the Peace Lily which produces beautiful cala like white spaths in medium levels of light. A place for it could be found in any home or office.

In addition to the decorative qualities provided by house plants, research has shown that house plants provide physical and psychological benefits. Indoor houseplants help create a healthy relaxing environment. Studies have demonstrated that people in indoor environments containing healthy house plants exhibit less stress and had lower blood pressure.

Houseplants improve indoor air quality. They add oxygen to the room’s air by the process of photosynthesis. They also add humidity to the air by the process of transpiration. Both of these factors make the air healthier for us to breathe.

Indoor house plants remove toxins from the air given off by the materials used to build, decorate and furnish our houses and offices. These toxins include benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene. They also help to rid the rooms of other pollutants generated by furnaces, stoves and smoking.

In the pages of this website we will examine the many ways we can benefit from a well placed healthy indoor houseplant.

Indoor houseplants will improve the appearance and livability of a room and will improve the room’s air quality. Proper selection, placement and care will optimize the results with a healthy indoor houseplant.