Peace Lily

Peace Lily- A Symbol of Peace and Hope

The Peace Lily or Spathiphyllum, which originates in South and Central America, has become one of the most popular houseplants. This easy care houseplant will find itself at home in almost any indoor space.  Only moderate light is needed to produce the dramatic white blooms of the Peace Lily.

The leaves of the Spathiphyllum rise directly from the soil forming a thick cluster with no central stem.


The Peace Lily can tolerate light levels ranging from low to moderately high but not direct sunlight.  It is unlikely to bloom in the lowest levels of light.


As a tropical plant the Spathiphyllum prefers warmer temperatures and thrives in temperatures from 65oF to 80oF.


Peace Lilies will grow well in any well drained potting soil.


Although Spathiphyllum will tolerate normal household humidity, they will appreciate regular misting except on cold, dark days.


You will find your Peace Lily requires heavy watering.  The soil needs to be moist, not soggy, and needs to dry out slightly between waterings.  Your Spathiphyllum needs to be watered when the leaves start to droop slightly.  Check to make sure the soil has actually dried as the leaves may begin to droop near the end of the day if the room is warm and dry.


Feed your Peace Lily every 2 to 3 months during its growing season with a standard household fertilizer at 1/4th recommended strength.  The growing season ends when the flowering cycle ends and begins about 3 months later.


Spathiphyllum can be propagated by dividing the plant clumps and replanting in separate pots.  Cut through the clump rather than pulling it apart to minimize damage to the fine roots that carry the food to the leaves of the Peace Lily.

Decoration and Placement Tips

Peace Lilies are often sent as gifts to convey the sentiments of Peace and Hope.

Although the Peace Lily tolerates most light levels, it is best to keep it about 5 to 10 feet from a window out of direct sun.  Too much light will cause the leaves to yellow.

The smaller Peace Lily hybrids can be placed on a desk or table top.  Larger Peace Lilies need to be placed on the floor.

Spathiphyllum need to be protected from cold drafts as they do not tolerate temperatures below 60oF.

Peace Lilies can be displayed as single plants in a pot or with several plants in a planter.

Their love of high humidity and tolerance of lower light conditions make Spathiphyllum an ideal plant for a bathroom.

Proper care will maximize your enjoyment with a healthy Peace Lily.