Poinsettia Propagation

Poinsettia Propagation.  New Plants From Last Years Poinsettia

Poinsettia propagation is by rooting stem cuttings. Poinsettias may be grown from seeds but rooting cuttings is far more common.

Poinsettia propagation by root cuttings will provide several new Poinsettias from each plant.  Make several new plants from last years Poinsettia by propagation.

Your Poinsettia should be allowed to go into dormancy once the bloom has faded.  The Poinsettia should be watered sparingly and not fertilized during this dormant period.  This is a natural stage in the life of a Poinsettia and allows it to rest before the next production of bloom.  The Poinsettia should be watered thoroughly in mid to late April and fertilized once new growth begins to appear.  This new growth will provide the Poinsettia cuttings for propagation of new plants.

Cuttings for propagation should be taken from the Poinsettia in early to mid August.  Cuttings should be 4 to 5 inches long and can be rooted in any porous potting medium.  A rooting compound will assist successful root production, but is not necessary.  The potting medium should be kept moist but not saturated.

By taking the cuttings you use for propagation of your Poinsettia in early to mid August, the Poinsettia plant will have time to produce new growth that will result in a bloom in December, provided only a few cuttings are taken.  Often plants used for Poinsettia propagation are so severely cut back that they will not produce the growth necessary for an attractive bloom in December.

Unlike the growing plant, these cuttings need to be kept in a humid location to keep the leaves from wilting.  This can be accomplished by covering the cutting with a clear glass or plastic covering.  A large clear glass jar or tumbler inverted over the cutting will keep the cutting humid and the soil moist.  The best solution, short of a greenhouse, is a terrarium.  The cuttings should be kept in as bright a light as they can tolerate without the leaves wilting.

For Poinsettia propagation, normal room temperatures of 70 o F work well.  The temperature should be a little cooler at night down to 60 o F.

The cuttings should root in 3 to 4 weeks and new growth will follow.  The growth produced by a Poinsettia cutting will not be as vigorous as that of an older plant as the new cutting does not yet have a well developed root system.

Propagation of your Poinsettia by rooting stem cuttings will produce several new plants from each Poinsettia.  These plants can be brought into bloom in December by restricting the light the plant receives.

Create gifts for your friends from last years Poinsettia by propagation.