Houseplant Watering Tools

To keep our houseplants healthy, we need to provide our houseplants with water when they need it. This means checking our plants often so that we provide the water at the right time.

The right tools will make this task easier.

Firstly, your houseplants need to be in a grow pot that has a tray to capture the excess water as it runs through the drain hole in the bottom of the pot. By using enough water so that water runs through the pot, we help to flush out excess salts from the fertilizer. Salt build up in the soil will harm and even kill your houseplants.

Secondly, we need to use a watering can with a long thin spout. Many houseplants are harmed by water touching their leaves. This is the case in most plants with a soft furry covering like African Violets. A long spout will allow you to apply the water at the base of the plant under the leaves and not damage the leaves.

houseplant Watering Can picture
Thirdly, the watering can should have a large enough resevoir to minimize trips to refill it. The one I use holds approximately 1 quart ( 1 litre). This provides enough volume to make mixing fertilizer in the right portions quite easy.

To collect excess water that is caught by the tray beneath each plant, we can use another common kitchen tool. A turkey baster, the kind with the bulb that you squeeze to draw in the liquid, can be used to collect water that sits in the tray after 5 or 10 minutes. You never want to let your houseplants to stand in this water for long.

I have used the watering can pictured for many years now.

You can find watering cans and turkey basters at many stores you use in your everyday shopping.