How Often Do You Water Your Houseplants

How often do you water your houseplants is a question I see asked over and over again. The real answer is as often as they need it and no more often. Both over-watering and under-watering will be harmful to your houseplants.

As unsatisfying as this answer is, it is the only correct answer. What you need to do is set up a watering schedule that will accomplish this.

To do this you need to pick a time of day, preferably before noon, when we can water two to three times a week. You check each plant at that time but water only those that need watering. Those that don’t need watering are left until the next visit.

How do you know which plant needs water and which should not be watered? You use the finger test. Push your finger into the soil about 1 to 2 inches depending on the depth of the pot ( about 1/4 to 1/3 of the depth of the pot). If the soil is dry, add water. If the soil is still moist, do not water until the next visit.

Many will think this is a lot of work, but it is not. It will only take about 5 minutes to water ( or check) 20 to 25 houseplants.

Morning is the best time to water houseplants. The plants will take up the water during the growth of the day. When the sun goes down, your houseplants take a bit of a rest just as we do when we sleep.

Make this a pleasant task rather than a chore by looking at each plant and removing any flowers that have wilted or any leaves that have reached the end of their life to be replaced by new growth.

Personally, I check my houseplants 3 times a week in spring and summer and twice a week when the temperatures cool and growth slows in fall and winter. Some plants will need water each day but others may go 10 days to 2 weeks without needing any.

The need depends on many factors including temperature, humidity, rate of plant growth, soil type and consistency, pot size, and length of daylight. The biggest mistake is to try to put your houseplants on a watering schedule that doesn’t take into account the various factors that affect the needs of the house plant.